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The core mission of our team is to assist local companies in Singapore through their digital transformation journey.
Our range of services encompass:

Product Shooting:Our professional team of photographers and models work together to create high-quality images and videos of your products. Use the assets on websites and social media to expand your brand.
Website Development:We have expertise in building and maintaining websites on major platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify.
ERP Construction for Manufacturing Businesses:Our integrated system covers all aspects, from sales and factory operations to delivery.
Digital Operations:We perform all types of digital operations like website SEO and Google ad placements to maximize your online reach.

The partners we have collaborated with.

  • Lokyo
  • Myseat
  • GeMeiNa
  • FreePath
  • JuanXinCai
  • LaoChangSha
  • STK

Client Case Studies

We have selected several typical cases that require digitization for your reference.


Consumer Electronics

Professional manufacturer focus on Garment Steamer and Vacuum Cleaner production.

Gamamna is one professional consumer electronics manufacturer with almost 11 years experiences, focus on Garment Steamer and Vacuum Cleaner production.


Packaging Manufacturer

Custom Food Packaging Manufacturer For Restaurant Chains And Food Companies

LOKYO dedicated to providing supply chain management and packaging solutions for catering chain enterprises, supermarkets, and food companies.


Furniture E-commerce

Furniture E-commerce & Singapore Manufacturer

MySeat is a self-produced and E-commerce furniture company based in Singapore.

Photography Services - Exquisite product photos or videos.

We have a dedicated photography studio to help you shoot exquisite product photos or videos.

IT Services - We help you identify, explore and respond to new opportunities.

As long as those opportunities involve giving us money to re-purpose old projects — we can come up with an endless number of those.

  • Web development. We specialise in crafting beautiful, high quality marketing pages. The rest of the website will be a shell that uses lorem ipsum everywhere.
  • Application development. We have a team of skilled developers who are experts in the latest app frameworks, like Angular 1 and Google Web Toolkit.
  • E-commerce. We are at the forefront of modern e-commerce development. Which mainly means adding your logo to the Shopify store template we’ve used for the past six years.
  • Custom content management. At Studio we understand the importance of having a robust and customised CMS. That’s why we run all of our client projects out of a single, enormous Joomla instance.

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